Let’s Do This

Ok.  I’m now blogging.

It is 2013, (almost 2014, actually).  I set up this account in 2010.  And I’m JUST now starting to write.

My ability to procrastinate is truly advanced and requires little to no persuasion.  A TV show with one continuous plot line and multiple seasons on Netflix can immobilize me for months.  Likewise, a “trip to the dog park” can culminate in dragging my pup through Zara for hours (he needs to be socialized!).  Or nachos happen!  But all of these distractions have been trumped by the greatest of them all: Broadway.

Now, to be sure, Broadway has been an incredibly rewarding distraction!  It has been my last 5 years, and it more than pays the rent.  I have been “soy blessed” to work consistently, and I hope not to slow down anytime soon!  But anyone who does 8 shows a week can tell you that Broadway affords the energy/time for little else.  Especially anything you actually want to do WELL (taking up running for a week and counting a ten minute mile as a personal best is hardly an accomplishment, Sydney).  So, I set up this account, determined to write down my thoughts and share them and do it well.  And then I did shows and ate nachos for four straight years.

And they were delicious!  However, as I’ve gained wisdom (and a cheese-induced heart condition), I now realize that there will never be a perfect time to devote myself.  As with having children, adopting a dog, or buying a Louis Vuitton, one can never have enough money, time, or maturity to feel “ready.”  You just have to dive in.  Let your life adjust.  Make mistakes.

I anticipate that this won’t be anything like the instant gratification of booking a show and, subsequently, identifying myself publicly as a “Broadway ac-TRESS,” (proclaimed with as much false-humility as someone in a MOTOWN hat can muster).  I will write, and even if no one reads it, I will hopefully grow the balls to quietly label myself as “some sort of writer or something,” as I slouch in my chair at Starbucks, draped in pseudo-intellectual angst.  Still, this whole blogging thing does share one similarity with theatre.  Once you hit the stage, you have to commit.  So, as I pause to catch my breath between cheesy bites, I’ll just scroll over and hit “Publish.”  Curtain up!


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