Everyone’s NOT a Critic

I’m sorry.  I can’t resist.

Opinions and a computer do not a critic make.  I remember studying theatre critics in college.  We learned about how necessary and impactful they can be, how they are paid to review, and how they are feared, revered and HATED.  Interesting stuff, but our image of these critics was less-than appealing: surely they were solitary, eccentric, 50-cat-owning weirdos, consumed with their constant critiquing and wishing they could just enjoy DORA THE EXPLORER! LIVE! for what it is.   My classmates and I had no desire to ever become critics… that is, unless, we were drinking wine with friends.  No, we were positive that singing and dancing for a living was much more rewarding, as I’m sure you feel, now, about your chosen profession of… professional online troll, or what have you…

Enter: social media.  Ugh.  Suddenly, we are reaching for our iPads before our friends and/or wine!  Thus, I offer this advice: If you aren’t getting paid for your opinions, and you aren’t positive of your intent (hint: “shit-stir” and “bash” are not the same as “encourage intelligent conversation” and “sway minds”), try to find a real-life friend and have a convo.  That way, you don’t end up hated AND posing as something you’re not (and would never want to be): a bitter critic.

Yes, I am responding to hubbub about THE SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE!

Yes, I performed in the special last night, so I am personally invested.

Yes, this is “preachy.” I may not get any cool points, but passive-aggressive zingers have never been my thing.  Also, I should get some points for stopping myself from making this a VERY long Facebook status.

Yes, this isn’t about Nelson Mandela.  Grieving can be an offline endeavor, as well.

Lastly, yes, I’m aware of the contradiction of posting my thoughts online.  C’est la vie!


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