We Are Dying

We are living in the future!  Everything we imagined about the future is happening, except for flying cars.  (We all know cell phone-obsessed Americans can’t be trusted with them, anyway.  Best to create more bike lanes.)

An unfortunate side-effect of living in the future is that we have to take responsibility for our health.  Long gone is the era when a single sneeze meant your days could be numbered, spurring complete strangers to wish blessings on your inevitably shortened life.   You sneeze now, I assume you have not been juicing like I have.  Shame on you.

The middle class has every type of diet and/or workout within reach, the ability to self-diagnose via the interweb, and multitudes of “friends” with online weightloss testimonials for inspiration.  As a result, when we futuristic cyborgs actually contract/develop a real illness, we have to battle not only the symtoms, but also the inevitable guilt: Had I not eaten those occasional Mexican Pizzas, maybe I wouldn’t have sprained my ankle.  Stronger ligaments, y’know?  If I hadn’t watched so much TV, I wouldn’t need glasses now.  If I had just stuck with P80XOXTorture Home Workout, I wouldn’t have aged… at all.

Unfortunately, we will all get sick, and we will all die (WAH wah) at some point.  You can turn your life around from your repulsive college freshman habits, but you will still feel backpain as you near 90.  You can lose 7000 pounds in your twenties, but you might still have to change your diet AGAIN later in life.  This humanness doesn’t make us failures!  Just humans!

I personally hate all the responsibility we now put on ourselves to be one step ahead of nature.  My reason for eating well (most of the time) and walking to a yoga class is not “so I can beat cancer in its tracks.”  That is too much pressure, and unfortunately impossible (I believe we are all just breathing in various plastics at all times now, right?).  I could eat nothing but wheat grass for the rest of my life and still get cancer.  I watched one of the healthiest, most graceful women in my life develop cancer, and subsequently beat it this year. I didn’t learn some new health craze from her; instead, I was reminded how beautiful and real prayer is. How strange and scary life can be. How necessary REALLY living is. And you can’t really live in fear… or without a glass of red wine now an then.

Basically, my somewhat healthy lifestyle is so my jeans allow me to breathe and I don’t have horrible indigestion.  THAT I can pretty much control.  And the results are fairly instant, not part of some daunting, lifelong to-do list.  

I urge you all to join me.  Say it with me: “We are all dying.  Even more reason to not feel like shit right now.  Pass the hummus, and turn off that exposé about tomatoes preventing high blood pressure BUT ALSO causing gout.  The Japanese live to their hundreds and eat white rice everyday!… ”  I’m still working on my mantra, but you get my point.  Life is too short to try to outsmart nature.  Besides, doesn’t anxiety cause stroke?


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